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  • Family Law: Divorce (property division, spousal support (alimony), child custody, child support, visitation); Child Custody, Visitation, & Child Support; and Paternity
  • Post Decree Modifications
  • Wills, Trusts, Estates, and Probate
  • Mediation
  • Real Estate
  • Criminal Law

Family Law

In our family law practice, we understand that no matter who made the decision to obtain a divorce, your divorce is a very difficult time in your life. We will help determine how to divide your marital property; both assets and debts are shared between both spouses. Additionally, we will help you determine if you or your spouse should obtain spousal maintenance (alimony).

Our office will work diligently to help you achieve the resolution you need to move forward with your life. Experts may be retained as necessary to assist with establishment of spousal support [alimony], division or valuation of assets, or in child custody matters. Spousal support may be necessary on a temporary basis until a spouse is able to enter the workforce or to support a spouse during the difficult time of separation. In certain situations, depending on various factors involved, permanent spousal support should be awarded. Business valuation experts may be retained as a thorough investigation is necessary to value many privately-held businesses in order that an equitable division of assets can occur.

We are prepared to settle your case, if possible, through negotiation, but if we are unable to reach an agreement to your satisfaction, we are prepared to aggressively take your case to court. Our divorce lawyer will always act under your direction and with your best interests and goals in mind.

Child custody arrangements are decided according to the best interest of the child. There are many factors that are considered in determining which or if both parents retain physical custody of the child and how much child support must be provided. Our office can assist you with your questions about child custody issues, including recent changes to Iowa law regarding joint physical care and issues regarding primary physical care. Our office also calculates what amount of child support should be paid in your situation under the Iowa Child Support Guidelines. We also assist you in establishing post-secondary educational subsidy for your child, if needed. Keeping you informed of your legal options is our priority, from the time an action is started through a final order or appeal.


Our firm offers mediation services in family law cases to serve as an impartial third party knowledgeable of family law issues to assist in amicable dispute resolution.

Wills, Trusts, Estates, and Probate:

From the simple to complex, our firm can provide the expertise necessary to assist you in planning your estate. We assist in planning for future contingencies to help minimize the burdens on your family.

Real Estate:

Selling or buying real estate? We can help, with detailed attention to title opinions, deed drafting and ancillary documents necessary to assist in getting you from purchase contract through closing.

Criminal Law:

Should you find yourself in a situation requiring a criminal law attorney, our firm can provide assistance. From advising you of your rights to fighting for you in Court, our firm can provide experienced and knowledgeable representation.